Bracelet With Gemstones


Product information:

Material: natural stone

Type: Bracelet

Style: Unisex

Style: Bracelet

Color: FD1542 imitation sun stone, FD1543 green fluorescent, FD1544 lilac, FD1545 white pine, FD1547 rain flower stone, FD1548 flower green, FD1549 yellow tiger, FD1550 red striped agate, FD1551 white stone, FD1552 red pine, FD1553 Mi Baisong, FB082-Multicolor color Peacock, FD1555 domestic snowflake, FD1556 popcorn crystal, FB085-6 imitation green gold, FD1558 blue pattern A, FD1559 green peacock, FD1560 bamboo leaf agate, FD1562 leopard skin, FD1563 red watermelon, FD1564 blue artificial moonlight, FD1565 red agate, FD1566 yellow striped agate, FD1567 blue pattern AB, FD0470 phoenix green gold, FD1569 red network, FD1570 granite, FD1571 yellow peacock, FB095-2 Shoushan stone, FD1573 African chicken blood, FD1574 purple fluorite, FD1575 golden swan, FD1576 black pine white thread , FD1577 Purple Striped Agate, FD1578 Color Striped Agate, FD1579 Grey Striped Agate, FD1580 Red Wood Grain, FD1581 Pink Zebra, FD1582 Green Peacock, FD1583 Marble, FD1584 Green Striped Agate, FD1585 Aquatic Agate, FD1586 Angel Stone, FD1587 Amazon, FD1588 Purple Artificial Moonlight, FD1589 African pine, FD1590 black network, FD1591 protein, FD1592 pink crystal, FD1593 electroplated volcanic stone, FD1594 agate, FD0456 matte, FD1596 smooth black line red pattern, FD1597 pink crystal, FD1546 green jade, FB085 granite

Popular elements Bohemia, ethnic, retro

Packing list:

Stone bracelet X1

Weight 0.02 kg
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 20 cm

1 Style, 10 Style, 11 Style, 12 Style, 13 Style, 14 Style, 15 Style, 16 Style, 17 Style, 18 Style, 18Style 2PCS, 19style, 2 Style, 20style, 21style, 22style, 23style, 24style, 25style, 26style, 27style, 28style, 29style, 3 Style, 30style, 31style, 32style, 33style, 34style, 35style, 36style, 37style, 38style, 39style, 3Style 2PCS, 4 Style, 40style, 41style, 42style, 43style, 44style, 45style, 46style, 47style, 48style, 49style, 5 Style, 50style, 51style, 52style, 53style, 54style, 55style, 6 Style, 7 Style, 8 Style, 9 Style


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